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Steeler Fan Says Bears Fans Blinded Him With Roofies

They say that you should never take a drink from stranger that you didn't see poured yourself. That goes double for Steeler fans hanging out in Chicago bars, after one poor bloke says he was poisoned by local Ditka worshipers.

Pittsburgh's Zack Heddinger claims he was just chilling at Kitty O'Shea's bar in downtown Chicago after the Steelers lost to the Bears on September 20. He and his buddies participated in some good-natured ribbing with the locals that apparently got out of hand, until one of the Chicagoans offered Heddiger a drink as a peace offering. Side effects of the beverage included loss of vision and heart stoppage.

Not long after taking the drink, Heddinger passed out and was rushed to a nearby hospital, his heart stopping four times. At first, doctors thought he had too much to drink, but realized there was more to it.

"They thought it was antifreeze or something like that …because it was so strong," said Heddinger.


Heddidger's family even flew to Chicago because they thought he was going to die. He says his vision has still not returned and he may have suffered permanent brain damage. According to the report, doctors now say he might have been poisoned by "toxic grain alcohol," which is just ... wow. Who knows what that little kid put in Mean Joe Greene's Coke?

Not surprisingly, Chicago police have zero leads on what happened to the perpetrators or the rest of the Bears' season.

Steelers Fan Says He Was Poisoned, Left Blind At Chicago Bar [WTAE Pittsburgh]

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