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• Chad Johnson spent his time before the game hanging out in the parking lot with Bengals tailgaters. Hopefully, he's sober.

• Finally, we've got a playoff game where there's some genuine dislike between the teams. The previous three all seemed too friendly. Joey Porter was running around the field before the game with his shirt pulled to his shoulder pads. I guess he was talking trash while showing off his new belly-button ring or something.

• Bad news for the Bengals. And for football fans, really. Carson Palmer's been carted off after Kimo von Oelhoffen put a shot into his knee after he threw downfield to Chris Henry. Jon Kitna is in the game. Dirty play or not (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't), the Bengals are mad, and this is not going to improve upon Steeler/Bengals relations.

• There are bad intentions being displayed after nearly every play. There's some anger out there. This is awesome.

• After John Kitna misses an open receiver in the endzone, the Bengals settle for a field goal, and it's 3-0. I'd suggest that the Steelers be made to play with Tommy Maddox, just to make things fair, but that would be a huge insult to Jon Kitna.


• Kitna steps in and goes 6-of-7, and Rudi Johnson caps the drives with a tackle-breaking 20-yard TD run. 10-0 Bengals at the end of the first quarter.