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• Nick Harper update: The knee he injured was not the knee that the wife sliced up, which I guess is good news.

• Sooner or later, the Colts offense will find a rhythm, but until then, here are some absurd stats: First downs, 10-1. Total yards, 187-43. Time of possession, 13:51 to 5:10. All in favor of the Steelers.

• Dick Enberg on Peyton Manning's pre-snap shuffling: "He's making more moves than a Roman traffic officer." What the fuck does that mean?

• Here's a little bit of that offensive rhythm that I was talking about. The Colts put together a 10+ minute drive, but they only come away with 3. False start penalties don't get a lot more costly than that one, do they, Tarik Glenn? Steelers lead 14-3.


• And it stays that way. Entertaining 1st half, and it's shaping up to be an excellent 2nd half, as well.