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Steinbrenner and Isiah Share A Secret Gay Lover (Allegedly)

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I was about to go on this long rant about how ESPN keeps discussing the New York Yankees throughout the ALCS, but as soon as I saw the latest Jonathan Lee Riches lawsuit on The Smoking Gun, I quickly retracted my sentiments. Riches, who you may remember from such frivolous lawsuits as "Bill Belichick put a secret camera in Donovan McNabb's soup" and "Michael Vick stole my dogs," continues to file sexual harassment lawsuits at New York sports figures as he sits and stews in the South Carolina state prison.

Many of his descriptive events include sexual harassment and stalking (and an identity theft scheme that allowed George Steinbrenner to get the money for A-Rod's contract, he details), but here's your money allegation:

I have known Defendant Steinbrenner since 1988 when I was a 12 year old boy. I met Steinbrenner at St. Roman Catholic church in Philadelphia, PA in back of the Alter. We exchanged telephone Numbers. Steinbrenner would send me candy bags with blow pops and tootsie rolls and gay comic books. Steinbrenner told me to call him "Daddy Steinbrenner" and not to tell anyone.


I don't see the big deal. This was how Billy Martin was lured back into managing.

Aside from Yankees season tickets for the 2012 season, he's seeking "$100,000,000.00 million dollars," which technically is $100 million million, so $100 trillion. Scott Boras is intrigued with his negotiating tactics.

Oh, and he's also suing Isiah Thomas:

I've known Isiah Thomas since 1993 when he played basketball for the Detroit Pistons. I lived near Coatesville Pennsylvania where current NBA guard for the Detroit Pistons Richard "rip" Hamilton" is from. We all used to play basketball pickup games at CASH Highschool on Rt. 30. This is where I had my first encounter sexually with Isiah Thomas around October 1995. After a pickup game, Isiah Thomas took me in back of some porta potties and began French Kissing me. He pulled out $1,000 dollars and told me not to tell my mother and he will continue to send me money in return of him sending me love letters.


Someone get this guy a blog. Make sure it's handwritten.

An Embarrassment of Riches [The Smoking Gun]

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