Steph Curry Is Beyond Reproach

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Steph Curry’s statistical output from his last two games isn’t anything to freak out over—22 points and seven assists against Dallas on Friday, followed by 12 points in four assists against the Clips on Sunday—but in each of those games he made plays that should have led anyone who saw them to one conclusion: Steph Curry can’t really make mistakes.

First, there was the fake behind-the-back pass that found Harrison Barnes in the corner for a wide-open three:

Then, there was this play against the Clippers, which really can’t be accurately described with words:


The incredible thing about those plays is not so much that they were dazzling or that they produced points, but that they had no real business being anything other than embarrassing fuck-ups.

Those plays are mistakes! Under no circumstances is it a good idea to go behind-the-back through a thicket of defenders, dribble away from the hoop, and then fire up a turn-around three. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to stick the ball behind your back after having just lost your dribble and been hemmed in under the basket when just a simple pass to the corner would have done the job just fine. Imagine someone like Dion Waiters trying to hit that madcap three-pointer without causing the whole arena to cry out in horror, or Brandon Jennings trying to pull off that pass without fumbling the ball off his ass and out of bounds.


But Steph Curry doesn’t exist under normal circumstances, and his ability to turn piles of wreckage into dick-shitting highlights is the most enjoyable thing about his game. He’s playing basketball at a level of daring and creativity most players not named Nick Young or J.R. Smith know better than to try and reach. When those guys try shit like this, we laugh at them. When Curry does it, we laugh for different reasons.