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Stephen A. Smith Provides The Gift Of Himself Shouting Catchphrases In Front Of A Green Screen

If for whatever reason you still doubt ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith’s abilities as a performer, please see the clip below, in which Smith effortlessly snaps into character while shouting all of his signature catchphrases in front of a green screen:


This is an opportunity to appreciate Smith’s great talent for yelling things into a camera, but it is also an opportunity to have some fun with the green screen behind him. For example, here is Smith reiterating his well-known thoughts on crab rangoon:

And here he is making sure that we all “TAke a look, y’all”:

Here’s a nice one:


If you like to giggle at Stephen A. Smith and are in possession of some fancy video editing software, now is the time to fire up the ol’ computer and have some fun.

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