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Stephen Curry Had Don Nelson's Attention When These Haircuts Were En Vogue

Good news: Stephen Curry's journey from high school nobody to NBA lottery pick is no longer just a feel-good rise to superstardom. With this latest point to plot, Curry's case is now a parabola of fame and fortune!

Before he became BFF with LeBron James, before he was ignored by college coaches, before he even entered kindergarten, Curry's exuberant presence merited the watchful gaze of Don Nelson at the 1992 NBA All-Star Game. (The guy's got an eye for talent.)'s John Schuhmann unearthed this photographic gem this morning, but we're here to add context to these 1,000 words with some intrepid reporting of our own. Here's what really went down:

"The Timberwolves are going to draft this hombre with floppy hair with the No. 5 pick," said Curry, who had just learned to count and was looking for opportunities to show off. "Then they're going to trade for the No. 6 pick and take another point guard and finally, the gray-haired dude behind us is going to pick me with the No. 7 pick. So, yeah, that's how I'll be playing in Golden State in 17 years."


"You for real?" Mitch Richmond asked.

"I'm going to be a better shooter than you and my pops, you just wait. Also, check out my sweatsuit."

"Not that," said Richmond, ignoring the tyke's threads. "You're telling me that in 2009, Nellie's still going to be in Golden State?"


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