Stephen Curry Pulls Off Two Sublime Crossovers, Is Brilliant

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With respect to the shoving party that spilled into the first row, the most entertaining thing about last night's Warriors-Pacers game was Stephen Curry crossing up his opponents with extreme prejudice. His first victim was George Hill, whose valiant attempt to play good transition defense ended with him falling onto his ass and reaching up to grab Curry like a drowning man looking for rescue. Later in the game, Curry set his sights on Tyler Hansbrough, who was transformed into a helpless baby, pawing after his just-out-of-reach rattle while Curry shook free of him and splashed a three.


We're partial to the second crossover, simply because it ends with one of Curry's gorgeous jump shots falling straight through the center of the basket. There are few things in the NBA that are as aesthetically pleasing as Curry effortlessly flicking a high-arcing jumper towards the rim. It's like watching a physics equation come to life.

Curry finished last night's game with 38 points on 14-20 shooting, sinking seven of his ten three-point attempts. It was a uselessly fantastic performance in a game that the Warriors lost and not many people watched. Here's hoping that the Warriors hold on to their playoff spot, and that Curry's next brilliant game unfolds in front of a bigger audience.