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Stephon Marbury Has Something In Common With All Of You

Namely, he doesn't like Stephen A. Smith. That delightful zinger was the outro for Stephon Marbury's new talk show, called... actually, I don't know what the hell it's called. But it exists, and that, to be honest with you, is more than I wanted to know about it in the first place.

That looked like something Steph has wanted to get off his chest for a while... funny, I didn't even know that there was any kind of a beef between Marbury and Stephen A. Smith. I'd have thought they had a lot in common. They both like attention, both of their first names start with the same five letters, both have inflated views of their own importance, and soon, they'll both have canceled talk shows.


Marbury Disses Stephen A. "Stiff" [truesportsfans]

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