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Stephon Marbury Spares Jimmer Fredette "The Real Power" In Altercation

Image: @AlexKennedyNBA/Twitter
Image: @AlexKennedyNBA/Twitter

Hey, remember Jimmer Fredette? Sure you do: “The Jimmer” was in a boy band or something in the late aughts before moving abroad to pursue an international basketball career. Tiger Beat subscribers of a certain age will be interested to know his Shanghai Sharks played against Stephon Marbury’s Beijing Beikong Fly Dragons Friday, with Jimmer putting up a James Harden-esque 54-point triple-double to lead his Sharks to a narrow victory.

But, oh no! In the third quarter, Marbury rudely punched away Fredette’s transition layup attempt, leading to Fredette, in frustration, shoving Marbury from behind as the action swung the other way. An altercation ensued!


Marbury, a wizened old pro wringing the last Yuans of value out of his quickly fading basketball ability, apparently decided to spare Fredette the ass-whupping his actions so thoroughly courted, per ESPN:

“Getting suspended for the season wasn’t worth letting him feel the real power, so I settled with a hug and a ‘good game’ after the game. All is well, I’ll see them in Beijing.”

Marbury, in his first year with the Fly Dragons, was held to four points and four assists in the loss.

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