Steve Ballmer Will Institute A No-Apple Policy For The Clippers

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New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is a Microsoft loyalist who joined the company in 1980 as its 30th employee. He's so loyal that he refuses to use anything created by Apple—he does not like Apple, man—and now it appears his personal policy is becoming his team's.

From Reuters:

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Clippers will be a Microsoft organization. The son of a Ford Motor Co manager, he's always been a company and product loyalist, banning his own family from using Apple's iPhones.

"Most of the Clippers on are [sic] Windows, some of the players and coaches are not," Ballmer said.

"And Doc kind of knows that's a project. It's one of the first things he said to me: 'We are probably going to get rid of these iPads, aren't we?' And I said, 'Yeah, we probably are.' But I promised we would do it during the off season."


The iPads will be gone, and the Clippers will gradually be using Surfaces and the like. The fate of the players' personal iPhones is left unknown, but it'd be wise not to use them around Ballmer.


Photo: AP