Steve Delabar Walked In Four Straight Runs And It Was The Saddest Shit

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You ready for some grim baseball, my friends? Then let me tell you about Steve Delabar, the Reds reliever who walked four straight batters with the bases loaded last night.

Delabar entered the game with one out in the fifth inning. The Cleveland Indians were already up 8-0 and had runners on first and third. Delabar walked the first batter he faced to load up the bases, but then bounced back by striking out Francisco Lindor. He needed just one more out to get out of the inning, and that’s when everything went to hell:


Delabar threw a first-pitch strike to both Mike Napoli and Jose Ramirez, and got Napoli to a 2-2 count before walking him. He even had a 1-2 count on Lonnie Chisenhall before issuing his fifth and final walk of the inning. I hope Steve gets the day off today.