Steve Kerr Unloads On NBA Owners, Calls Dan Gilbert A Baby

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After three seasons as the personnel guy in Phoenix, Steve Kerr returned to TV because he wasn't very good at GMing. But he has opinions about the league blocking a Chris Paul-to-Lakers deal. They are refreshingly angry and candid and probably assure that Kerr will be staying on the media side for a while.

Kerr went on the radio to vent on the trade, including Dan Gilbert's email:

"It's such a crock that he would even mention that. That guy is a billionaire, they have been way over the cap while they had LeBron, way over the tax. He's still upset that he lost LeBron and he needs to get over it. LeBron gave that franchise the best seven years they have ever had. He was a free agent and he decided to leave. Nobody likes the way LeBron left, even he apologized for it the other night on TV but the fact is there is a thing called free agency and if a superstar player wants to leave when they are agents, they can leave."


On the owners being selfish:

"Every one of them is wrong and I don't know how many there are either but I've been angry all day long about this whole thing because I think it was a great basketball trade. There are so many trades made these days that are lousy trades that are made for financial purposes ... The problem I have is that this was a great trade for the Hornets. There's no way they can duplicate that. I thought Dell Demps did an incredible job. You end up with three legitimate good players in (Luis) Scola, Kevin Martin, and (Lamar) Odom. You get a first round pick, you get Goran Dragic who I like and a guy I drafted in Phoenix. He's a good player. You're telling me you're going to deny that for basketball reasons when every single other analyst out there and every GM thinks they hit a home run with that trade. And by the way in seven months if they play it out they are getting nothing."


Finally, on the arbitrary "basketball reasons"

I made one of the worst trades in NBA history. I traded Kurt Thomas and two first round picks to Seattle for nothing, to save 16 million dollars for our organization. Where was the NBA then to veto that trade for basketball reasons?"


Kerr also went on with Colin Cowherd, and called the mess "one of the dumbest thing the league's ever done." Kerr's pissed off, and he's dumbfounded, and not wrong about any of this. Least of all the Thomas trade.

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