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Steve Lyons Would Like To See Your Breasts, Please

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Here's an odd little story, featuring current Dodgers broadcaster Steve Lyons and a big-bosomed lady named Stacey Roy. From a court document filed on March 9, Stephen J. Lyons v. Fire Insurance, suggests that this is just a messy little money squabble between an ex-athlete and his homeowners insurance company. But jumping right into the document, you realize that, no, no, no — this is something a little more tawdry than that:

Plaintiff Stephen Lyons, a former professional baseball player later employed as a sportscaster for Fox TV and the Los Angeles Dodgers, met Stacey Roy while they were both vacationing with their families at a hotel in Hawaii. Following an afternoon of poolside conversation, Lyons followed Roy in the elevator to the floor of her hotel room and took her by the wrist to a hallway alcove, where he asked her to expose her breasts ...


And ... lawsuit. Some more charming excerpts from this court document:

Now, this interaction happened a few years ago, and Roy later reported the incident to local police and hotel security, accusing Lyons of sexual assault. (No criminal charges were filed. She's thought by some to be one of these money-grubbing trolls who likes to trap athletes in these situations.) But Roy sued Lyons for all sorts of damages stemming from the event, and Lyons' official deposition, for the most part, didn't deny they, well, interacted:

On March 10, 2002, Lyons and Roy were both guests at the Westin Maui hotel in Hawaii. They met at the hotel pool, where they chatted for several hours. Lyons claimed that Roy made several references to her large breasts, and to "how everybody loves to see them. And . . . '[i]f you are a good boy, maybe you will.'" When Roy left the pool area to return to her room, Lyons accompanied her. After they both got off the elevator on the sixth floor, Lyons asked Roy to show him her breasts. According to Lyons, Roy said she was afraid of being observed in the hall. Lyons took her by the wrist and led her to an alcove near the elevator, where he repeated his request, stating, "[Y]ou know, you've been wanting to do this all day . . . so let's just move over here." Roy declined because of concern that her husband might come by. According to Lyons, he then walked Roy to the door of her room and returned to the pool area. He denied any physical contact with Roy, other than having held her wrist when outside the elevator.

Lyons did settle the case for $175,000, for some reason, even if he didn't admit doing anything wrong. After the settlement, Lyons apparently filed a suit against Fire Insurance attempting to get a portion of it covered because, the whole incident was an "accident" and, you know, homeowners insurance should cover these types of "accidents." This is perhaps not the best way to keep the case out of the public eye.

When Steve Lyons was fired from Fox Sports in 2006 for his supposedly insensitive remarks about Spanish people and Lou Piniella , it seemed like he was getting the boot a little unjustly. And, Lyons stood up for himself after the incident, claiming it was a joke that wasn't racially motivated in anyway. He apologized for it, he moved on and is now back in the booth at Fox broadcasting for the Dodgers — for now.

The Dodgers did return a call and said that both they, and Steve Lyons, respectfully have no comment on this suit whatsoever.

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