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Steve McNair Not Allowed To Rest In Peace

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One Nashville man is working tirelessly to reopen the investigation into Steve McNair's death. Or at least, to sell his own amateurish self-published conspiracy theory book.

Vincent Hill was a Metro Nashville police officer for only four years, though he was "regarded by former supervisors as being an officer deserving to be emulated," according to the broken English on his web site.

He decided, at some point, that the overwhelming evidence pointing to a murder-suicide at the hands of Sahel Kazemi wasn't enough. So he undertook a personal quest to get the investigation reopened. And you can read all about, for the low low price of $12.99! Plus $3.00 shipping.


Yes, Hill is selling Playbook To A Murder, which doesn't seem to be particularly clear on who he actually thinks did it. Yesterday he went before a grand jury panel, and gave a 30-minute presentation of his "research." Thankfully, they shut him down and didn't even let him take his case before a full grand jury.

"Win, lose or draw, it's historic to just get it at that stage," Hill said. "Obviously, they thought there was something worth hearing just to even listen to the case.

"I would say that it's not over at this point."

No, it'll never be over as long as there are people out there who can't accept sad senseless truths. Or just want to make a quick buck.

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