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Steve Nash Broken Up Over Raja Bell Trade

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The Phoenix Suns pulled the trigger on a five-player deal last night, that sends Raja Bell and Boris Diaw to Charlotte in exchange for human hang glider Jason Richardson. The move gives the Bobcats some defensive help and another point guard, while it brings the Suns a new scoring threat and also makes Steve Nash sad.


Nash was already hurt and confused by new coach Terry Porter and his repeal of former coach Mike D'Antoni's liberal "let Steve Nash run wild" policy. Now he has to find a way to cope with the loss of Bell, who was obviously his super special backcourt friend.

“All I can say is that he’s my best buddy and my best friend,” Nash said after the short-handed Suns lost to the Lakers. “The guys loved him, and Boris, too. It’s hard you know. I have a hard time committing to this as a business. I take this personally.'

“I take my career home with me and I care about my teammates,” Nash said. “When you lose two of your best friends on the team, it’s hard. We’re not only recreating chemistry, we’re changing our style. But we’ve got lots of time to build.”


Doesn't that just tear you up inside? I'm sure he'll write, and Steve and Raja can still go to the same summer camp next year and it will be just like the old times. Chin up, pal!

P.S. The Suns are doomed.

Nash upset as Suns trade Bell, Diaw for Richardson [AP/Yahoo]

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