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Steve Nash, Definitely A Bleeder

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There are all kinds of disappointing ways for a tight, close NBA playoff game to end. A key player can be thrown out, a team can self-destruct, a naked man can run on the court ... there are all kinds of ways to transform a potential classic into a missed opportunity. But one of the worst has to be the star player being unable to stop his nose from bleeding. Even Spurs fans weren't happy with how that turned out. From Spurs blog Pounding The Rock:

I hated how this game ended. How am I supposed to enjoy the win given the circumstances? ... Why can't the NBA have a little foresight with these situations? You know, if a player gets cut in the last five minutes of a playoff game, the team can take a full time out that is extended to five minutes to allow for stitching. Who would be against this rule? The Spurs, as voiced by Robert Horry, certainly aren't happy with how things played out: "You feel bad for the guy because you want to have the best team out there at the end of the game, and he wasn't out there."


We're not all THAT surprised that Nash turns out to be a bleeder, but it was an unfortunate end to an otherwise fantastic game. And it also puts the Suns in a huge hole right off the bat; at least the Bulls and Nets didn't lose home court. In the year of the Mavs and Suns, the Spurs, once again, are plodding along in the spotlight, ruining everything with their blasted efficiency.

We Totally Earned That Win [Pounding The Rock]

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