The Ravens and Panthers play this Sunday, which means that Ravens receiver Steve Smith, who was released by the Panthers in the offseason, will be facing his old team for the first time. If you know anything about Steve Smith, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that he started his shit-talking early.

"Put your goggles on, because there's going to be blood and guts everywhere," is what Smith had to say about the impending matchup back in March. Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams remembers that, and decided to have a little fun by wearing a big-ass pair of goggles while talking to the media yesterday.


Williams was asked if he was expecting "blood and guts" on Sunday: "I wouldn't say that, man, it's a football game. That sounds more like surgery when you say 'blood and guts.' I'm just an Eric Dickerson fan, so that's why I've got these goggles on." Well played, DeAngelo!

Williams may be heading into Sunday's matchup with a good sense of humor, but his good cheer is unlikely to defuse Steve Smith. Did you see what he had to say after catching an 80-yard touchdown in Week 1?


Sunday's game is going to be fun.