There's a theme developing here. Anyway, there are more games on right now. Let's check them out and talk to one another about them down below.

3:30* pm

The broadcast networks get into the act now and on ABC, you can find either Stanford at Oregon State, Texas A&M at Oklahoma or Purdue at Wisconsin.

Continuing along the dial, Northwestern takes on Nebraska (Big Ten Network), Ole Miss visits Kentucky (ESPNU) and Army invades Air Force (CBS).

*Duke at Miami and Tulane at Southern Methodist actually kickoff at 3:00 pm, but I'm not going to waste a bold sub-heading on that. I only get so many of them.


4:00 pm
Southern Miss and East Carolina battle for the title of Vague Geographical Descriptor Champion on...local television? No worries though, Idaho at San Jose State is on ESPN3. Or, you could just continue watching whatever 3:30 game is best, like a smart person.

7:00 pm
Plenty of matchups here as we inch ever closer to the main event. South Florida and Rutgers are on ESPN3 and ESPNU has Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. At 7:15 pm, ESPN has South Carolina at Arkansas while Versus will be showing Arizona State at UCLA at 7:30.