Stoner Video Of The Day: Table Tennis Legend Marty Reisman Pings The Pong In Trippy Slo-Mo

You don't even even need to get high to trip out on this. The dashing older gent in the fedora and shades is 82-year-old Marty Reisman, a New York ping pong shark/legend/champ from the old school and what every idiot hipster in Brooklyn aspires to be but NEVER EVER WILL EVEN FUCKING COME CLOSE to being. Want to know more about Reisman? Read the profile this month in The New York Times, which included the following quote:

"I took on people in the gladiatorial spirit," Mr. Reisman, 82, said. "Never backed down from a bet."


In the meanwhile, enjoy the video, created by Insanic Workshop for Copernican Tourbillons, which bills itself as "a visual study of human motion captured through the use of high-speed photography. Like the tourbillon, the subjects aim to counter the effects of gravity while mastering their craft within the whirlwind of energy that constitutes the universe...." Far out, man.

[via Table Tennis Nation]

(h/t Mike N.)