Hot Hot Hoops took in Shane Battier's annual charity event in Miami Beach last night, and, I don't know, I guess some money was raised for a good cause or whatever. That's a distant second to the world-shattering levels of whiteness when Mike Miller and Chris "Birdman" Andersen cover Vanilla Ice's greatest hit.

Entertainment value aside, this serves as a physical reminder that Andersen is actually a member of the Heat, and could play as early as tomorrow. Miami signed Andersen to a 10-day contract over the weekend, though if all goes well they hope to keep him the rest of the season. A healthy Birdman would go a long way toward addressing the Heat's rebounding woes—they're last in the league in boards, and 26th in rebound differential.


It wasn't too long ago that it appeared Andersen might not play in the NBA again. After spending most of his time on the Nuggets bench, Denver amnestied him over the summer. Then there was the ominous investigation as police searched his home in connection with "unknown Internet crimes against children." That investigation is still ongoing, but Andersen's attorney says he's the victim of an extortion attempt, in which a woman claiming to be 21 sent Andersen photos of herself, then threatened to report him unless he paid her.

Oh, that's depressing. Sorry. Here, let's watch Andersen and Miller rap again!

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