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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We have told you before about the noble quest of, produced by a group of Redskins fans who want to keep their former quarterback — and current Congressional candidate — Heath Shuler from returning to Washington.


Well, with just five days until Election Day, the kids over there are realizing that they can only do much. Shuler is way ahead in the polls, and he has such a good sense of humor about himself that he actually sat down for an interview with the site.

(Sample excerpt: "Stop Shuler: Okay, November 26, 1995. RFK stadium — a 14-7 loss to the Eagles. Did you hear me boo?


Heath Shuler: What? Did I hear you boo? I mean, I obviously couldn't pick one person out —
You know, was that you guys that got a beach ball taken away? I heard some boos when that happened, I'm sure it wasn't because of an interception or anything...)

Anyway, once Norv Turner turned down an interview request, the site knew it didn't have much steam left. So now, accepting a Shuler return to DC, they're aiming lower: Simply requesting the media to stop referring to Shuler as a "former NFL quarterback." That sounds completely reasonable to us.

Heath Shuler Speaks! [StopShuler]

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