Strippers Help Australian Youth Football Team Celebrate A Big Win

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The East Brighton Vampires under-16 football team had a big win in the grand finals. Afterwards, the Aussie lads retired for a private party where "Vampires president Greg Wallace confirmed an adult entertainer had been present but was not sanctioned by the club. Alcohol was consumed ... and there was adult entertainment in the form of a stripper."

While that may be Australian for Pizza Hut with bottomless fountain Mr. PiBBs, it seems as if everyone isn't pleased with the choice of celebration.

Australian Childhood Foundation spokesman Joe Tucci said it was a terrible example to set.

"Winning a grand final is a milestone but to celebrate in that way is not right," he said. "Its also just a really disrespectful experience, disrespectful to women and the players and not what a club should be about."


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