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Student Reporter Gets First Boring McGwire Quotes

So everybody wants to hear from Mark McGwire, the slugger-in-exile. What does he think about the Hall of Fame voting? Did he ever do steroids? What was the deal with appearing on "Mad About You?" No one has been able to get him to come out of hiding ... except for abused children, anyway. McGwire showed up at a charity event Friday night and gave his first public remarks about the Hall of Fame voting. Sorry, Buster Olney: The reporter who got the first quotes was Adam Levy, a student reporter at the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan.

"I had an absolutely wonderful career that I am very proud of," McGwire said. "I'm not in control of what happens - I was in control of hitting the ball."


We congratulate Levy for his "scoop," and hope it helps him on the track to a career in sports journalism. Just think, Adam: In four years, you too could be covering women's high school golf, or, if you're lucky, logging agate text on the overnight shift, rooting for that Thrashers-Coyotes game to avoid overtime so you can get to sleep before 4 a.m.

Also. We speak from four years of college newspaper experience here, Adam: This scoop will not get you laid. Trust us.

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