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Suddenly, Everyone's A Tiger Or A Jayhawk

You have to credit the athletic departments of Kansas and Missouri for thinking ahead. Before anyone knew how important this game was going to turn out in the national championship picture, they scheduled this one as a night game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. That means they're going to be drinking all day, and all night ... it's gonna be trouble tomorrow night.

Our main hope is that whoever wins tomorrow night goes on to defeat Oklahoma (probably) in the Big 12 championship game; no offense to West Virginia, but it would be awfully entertaining to see either Kansas or Missouri in the national championship of football. New blood is always fun, and there's not much newer blood than these two teams.


The only key is that you watch the game in HD; otherwise, you're never gonna get a complete shot of Mangino, who's about to make his debut on a national, primetime, network television stage. If you're still hanging out with your family Saturday night, Mangino's going to be the talk of your dinner table. And then he will come through your television and eat it.

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