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It's rare in something as storied as college football that you have a moment that is obviously the most important moment in a school's football history, but that's what happened in Louisville last night, with the Cardinals beating West Virginia 44-34 and putting them on a track to play in the Fiesta Bowl come January 8. Though this sets up a strangely exciting battle of undefeated against Rutgers next week, it's without question a watershed moment for Louisville football, and assures — barring a weird BCS standings burp or a loss to Rutgers — that they'll be heavy underdogs in the national championship game. Plus, we like it when extremely important football end with both teams scoring 78 points.

As for West Virginia, well, no one's going to think about them much more this year, but we did notice one thing: The vast number of players with the major "Athletic Coaching Education." We understand that athletes find some goofy majors to be able to continue playing sports, but this one — the major of 25 percent of the Mountaineers' players — would seem to take the taco. Blog Extra Points notes the career possibilities of the major, as listed on the West Virginia Web site: "Some students also go on to pursue jobs in corners of finance, industry, and other related fields."


Yes. It is key that your major allow you to pursue a job in ... industry.

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(UPDATE: Our mistake: The BCS title game is not the Fiesta Bowl; it's a week after the Fiesta Bowl, though it's still in Glendale, Ariz., where the Fiesta Bowl is played. The BCS always keeps matters simple, doesn't it?)