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Suddenly My High School Years Look Sad And Lackluster

OK, the intern staff here at Deadspin labored for hours trying to find a sports connection to this story, and came up empty (all have been fired). Nonetheless, here is is, because it contains perhaps the greatest sentence ever seen in a news item in the English language. There is more hilarity each time I read it. And I read it a lot.

The teacher, 47, claimed that she had only revealed her breasts in reaction to the boy's provocative doodles and that there was nothing sexual about the act.


As you've probably guessed, this story is from Sweden. And I can only imagine that it's even funnier when read in its original language. Hmm, let's see.

Läraren , 47, fordrat så pass hon har bara avslöja henne brösten i reaktionen till boy's utmanande doodles och så pass där var ingenting sexuell omkring den uppföra.

Yes, I'd say, 14 percent more humorous. I dare not try Chinese.

Teacher Convicted For Flashing Breasts [The Local]


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