Super Bowl Blogdome: 'My Answer To Everything Is Just Go Suck On It'

What they're saying about Super Bowl XLI, the morning after ...

Stampede Blue: It is past midnight, and I have no intention of sleeping. I'm sitting here, drinking a beer, answering emails, texts and phones calls congratulating me. My best friend from when we were six years old called from San Diego, screaming out loud with joy. It is all crazy. I can only imagine what downtown Indy looks and sounds like. There is nothing but joy. This is the power of sports.


Bad Idea Blue Jeans. Not to leave any stone unturned, Indy's own Mudkids have dropped some lines in praise of the Colts. They recruited Colts man-on-the-street Zack Legend to lend some production. The highlight has to be the guy doing the "mime trapped in a box" on the steps of the RCA Dome with 1:11 remaining. Also, I admit I love the lyrical stylings of "a draw to Addai." That's poetry. As of yet, there's been no response from Lil' Ronnie or Jim McMahon.

AOL Fanhouse. So where do the Bears go from here? They find another quarterback in the off-season. Maybe they think backup Brian Griese can be the 2007 starter, or maybe they want to sign Jeff Garcia, or maybe there's a trade none of us see coming. But they simply can't go into next year with Grossman as their only viable option. He threw the Super Bowl away. The Bears can't give him a chance to do that again.

Da Bears Blog. This is the hardest thing I've ever written. I love you all. What a wonderful season. I'll write tomorrow and we'll talk. I feel terrible. This was ours. Tomorrow...

Windy City Gridiron. Right now I am fuming mad. How, with two weeks to prepare, can a Super Bowl offense play that way? When Grossman was playing well, the line gave out, when the line played well Grossman just winged the ball out into the open, when Grossman, the receivers and the run game started to click the line started holding. We took everything Manning had in the first half, we took all 200 yards that he had and stayed within two. Then we come out and just crap on the Super Bowl emblem. I think you understand my mind set right now and I am sure I will have more later and I am sure I will send BBS a congrats email later, but for now my answer to everything is just go suck on it. Before I go out let me say that giving Manning the MVP is a joke, it is just so everybody can live up their Disney story. If I were Manning I would hand that trophy right to my running backs.

Colts Couch Crew. I've thought for a long time that the city of Indianapolis was cursed, and that they would go longer than any other city without winning either an NFL or an NBA title. I was wrong. And for the first time, I'm glad I was wrong.