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Super Bowl Blogdome: Predictions Edition

News and predictions around the intrawebs on Super Bowl XLII ...

Emmitt Smith: "Sharp As A Whistle" Since 2007. I must admit here to all of you that I find the Jimmy Kimmel Show hilarious. Well the JKS did us all a great service last night by putting together all of the best clips of Emmitt's first season on ESPN. They even have one that we all missed! [Awful Announcing]

They Shouldn't, But The Giants Will Find A Way To Win. I have been trying to convince myself to come right out and say it for a while now, so here it is — the Giants are going to win on Sunday. Can I tell you how they are going to do it? No. Can I tell you the Giants have clear advantages in any phase of Sunday's matchup? No. Can I say the Giants should win Sunday? No. But, I believe that they will. Prediction: Giants 31, Patriots 27. [Big Blue View]

One Super Wager. Here come the politicians again! New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino have placed their predictable bet on Super Bowl XLII. And I must say, they've outdone themselves with this one. [The Blue Screen]


Super Bowl Edition Of Weekly Observations. Alright, so I guess you want a prediction. If this game had been played last week, I might have picked the Giants to win. Momentum cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, I think the extra week has taken some of the momentum away. As I said after my Green Bay prediction, I hope I'm wrong Giants fans. I really do. Patriots win, 31-28. [Giants 101]

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Lawrence Tynes, Misser Of Field Goals. As you may have guessed, Carl Brutananadilewski is in rare form this week. After calling off his holy reign of terror on Lawrence Tynes and his family, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force star has a few words for the New England Patriots. "You just better watch your back, Tom Brady! We're coming for you, you mediocre supermodel-banging fancy pants!" [YouTube]

Breakin' It Down: New England Patriots. In order for the Patriots to lose this weekend they are going to have to do something wrong something out of the normal. Whether that be Brady playing poorly, a few costly turnovers, the offensive line playing poorly for the first time, or the defense completely collapsing. The Patriots need to do something out of character to lose the game. [Simon On Sports]


Gamblers Bet On Giants Upset At Vegas Casinos. The Patriots are favored to win, but more people appear to be betting on a Giant upset in Sunday's Super Bowl. Brad Bryant, sports book director at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas, says that can change quickly as the rush to place bets peaks just before kickoff. [Giants Gab]

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. Generally we prefer the Globe to the Herald. For starters, the Globe has Mike Reiss, the Guy Who Never Sleeps. But the stupid fricking Globe has a book available for pre-order on 19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots. WTF? A little louder this time: WTF?!?!?! [Land of Patriots]

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