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Conspiculously absent from the Arizona Cardinals' wild on-field victory celebration on Sunday: A certain Mr. Anquan Boldin. There are several good TV shows on Sunday night and he forgot to set his TiVo.

Boldin was off the field before anyone following the Cardinals victory over the Eagles that put them in the Super Bowl, and was also tje first one out the back door. But not before he talked to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Wearing a lime-green shirt, Boldin tried to bolt for the stadium exit before a small group of media caught him. Someone asked if reaching the Super Bowl eases what has happened between him and the franchise. "That's not an issue," Boldin said. "Like I told you guys at the beginning of the season, my main goal was to do this. I've come through with all of my promises. I fought. I gave my heart to this organization. It's paying off." Does he want to stay in Arizona? "Next question."


A sight even stranger than Arizona threatening to win an NFC Championship game was Boldin sulking during the final four minutes, when the Cardinals were making their do-or-die drive. Arizona was using only one receiver on the possession, and Boldin wasn't in the game. He was not amused.

At one point he began arguing with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, and a teammate had to step between them. Boldin hasn't been happy this year with the Cardinals, and reportedly asked to be traded in August< he claims that he and head coach Ken Whisenhunt aren't on speaking terms. And it didn't take long for the Giants to notice the situation and begin drooling over Boldin, naturally. I see no way Boldin's attitude would hurt their team chemistry.

Boldin has three years left on the four-year, $22.75 million extension he signed after the 2005 season. He's making an average of $4 million a year.

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