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You know, this football season has been so much fun that we really are sad to see it end. But, alas, it has to, and there's an actual game Sunday, if you can believe it. Will we have another year of mocking Peyton Manning for choking? Because we'd almost be sad if we couldn't do that anymore. Awfully sad.

But yeah. Game time.

Here's some picks from around the Web.

Cool Standings: Bears.
Football Outsiders: Colts.
Harmon Forecast: Bears.
Paul Zimmerman: Colts.
Lil' Sean: Colts.
Dan Shanoff: Colts.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Bears.
Deadspin: Colts. We want to pick the Bears: We really do. We find it strange that so few people are picking them, though you couldn't tell it here. And we definitely don't see a blowout. But sorry, Sexy Rexy: We really just can't do it. We tried.


OK, last football game of the year, kids. Let's hear the picks.

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