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Super Bowl Pre-Game Show Open Thread

ESPN is entering hour four of their coverage and NBC is about to begin its five-hour pre-game spectacle (not counting the riveting "Road To The Super Bowl" special.) It's urge overkill.

Is there anything that can be said at this point that hasn't already been covered? (But that doesn't mean you shouldn't say it below, or that I won't say more before it's over.) Maybe 20 years ago a five-hour pregame might have made some sense—lots of football fans were still without cable and couldn't get nearly the level of pre-game news that they do now—but hype has passed over into anti-hype and the only way to enjoy the game at this point is to just turn your TV off until 6:31 p.m. or so.


Of course, no one will do that. I know there are people who watched "NFL Matchup" at 6:30 this morning, watched all of Countdown, will have NBC on for the next nine hours and will probably watch three or four more hours of post-game wrap up tonight. Those people have a problem, but I will throw no stones. However, it would help if there were ANY sports on today, besides the solitary NBA game on ABC. Heck, I'd take a track and field event if helped distract from football for a little while.

Anyway, I can't bring myself to watch even two minutes of Olbermann and Patrick, but consider this your space to discuss whatever football programming you're watching right now.

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