Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: 1st Quarter

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- Well, that didn't take long... Devin Hester, 92 yards, endzone. Though I would like to mention one thing... that looked awfully familiar to Ted Ginn. And he didn't really enjoy the rest of his evening after that happened. But anyway... wow. That's how you start a Super Bowl.


- 7-0 Bears... and yeah, I couldn't resist running that picture one more time. I love it.

- Something else to think about from that kickoff return... Adam Vinatieri was evidently supposed to keep that kick between the numbers. He didn't, and it cost them. Perhaps for the first time in his postseason career, Adam Vinatieri just screwed up. Bad.

- Marvin Harrison trips over the coverage, leaving the ball to hit Nathan Vasher in the chest, though he drops the interception. Two plays and a penalty later, Manning is intercepted... just a bad throw on his part. The Colts are in storm-weathering mode right now.

- The rain looks like it's coming down harder... making it very warm and very wet in Miami. Rex Grossman, I'm told, enjoys those conditions.

- The Bears squander their opportunity, and end up punting... Brad Maynard boots it into the endzone. Nice opportunity for the Colts to get things calmed down and settle into a groove right now.

- Boy, I really wish this thing updated faster.

- They do come out and get a first down on a very short completion to Marvin Harrison, who has a really really poor track record in the postseason. Nantz is talking about Peyton Manning's thumb, which has not been a factor since... well, ever, really.


- Ben Utecht drops a short pass from Peyton Manning... I believe that Barbaro was controlling that play from the afterlife. You should've dedicated the game to the fallen Colt, Ben. You had your chance.

- Reggie Wayne is the beneficiary of some kind of defensive breakdown, and gets wiiiiide open in the secondary. Manning avoided the rush, lofted one out to Reggie Wayne, who just walked into the endzone.


- And the Colts fuck up the extra point (I can curse here, by the way... HaHa, Will!) and they Tony Romo'd the extra point. 7-6, Bears.

- By the way, before any of that happened, the TD or the extra point, Jim Nantz confused Phil Simms by using the word "eschew." At least that's what Nantz says he said... I heard S-Jew.


- The Colts elect to go with the squib technique on kicks now... the ball comes lose, and the Colts have it. Man, I don't think I've ever heard Jim Nantz so excited. He almost sounded masculine for a second there. This is not the Jim Nantz of Butler Cabin.

- And Joseph Addai fumbles it away on the next play... this is insane. Such an eventful game makes it hard on a liveblogger... I'm getting carpal tunnel as we speak. My thumb right now is more of an issue than Peyton Manning's thumb.


- And that fumble, I think, was Manning's fault... it looked like Addai got that handoff really high, off the shoulder pads.

- Thomas Jones breaks one on the Bears first play from scrimmage... 52 yards down inside the five. Great cut at the point of attack from Thomas Jones.


- Touchdown Bears... great job by Rex Grossman to squeeze that ball into a tight space. Good hands by Muhsin Muhammad, too... 14-6 Bears. This game has certainly not lacked for excitement.

- The Colts can't get anything going on their next drive, and they'll be punting from their own 20. The Bears are being pretty aggressive with their defense, going after Manning... the Colts are pretty out of sync.


- CBS has 47 HD cameras at the game, by the way... and on the replays of that Berrian catch along the sidelines, you can really tell. Multiple angles, all of them in HD, some of them even useful for the purposes of that replay.

- And yet another turnover. Cedric Benson takes the handoff and gets popped by Bob Sanders at the line of scrimmage, and the ball comes out. Huge break for the Colts, who had almost no momentum... now they're on the Bears side of the 50 with the ball.


- Under 2:00 in the half... Peyton Manning drills a Bears d-lineman in the chest, but gets away with it. It's like Cooper stole his uniform before the game started... or even worse, Eli.

- So the Colts waste the opportunity, and will punt. They send the punting unit out... and the Bears commit a neutral zone infraction, giving the Colts a 4th and 3 at the Bears 36 yard line. They elect not to go for it... Tony Dungy's a sissy.


- Cedric Benson and Bears tackle Jon Tait are down on the same play. At least it wasn't the Bears good running back who was hurt. The drive ends, and the Bears will punt from their own 12 yard line. There will be no return, and once again, the Colts are gifted nice field position.

- That'll do it for an eventful, if not handsomely-executed 1st quarter.