Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: 4th Quarter

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- Hey, don't forget the Pro Bowl is this Saturday at 6:00 on CBS. Mark your calendars. And Will wanted me to tell you that he's asked for the opportunity to glog that one live on CBS SportsLine. We'll let you know if that happens.


- The Colts can't convert a big 3rd and 8 at midfield, despite Peyton Manning's brilliant work to avoid the coverage and get the ball downfield to Marvin Harrison. Nathan Vasher separated the ball from Harrison like Harrison was Oprah and the ball was Steadman.

- Grossman's intercepted... I couldn't even begin to explain what Grossman was thinking on that throw. It was a spiral... that's about the best thing you can say for it. It was like it was his goal to put as much arc on it as possible. Kelvin Hayden took the other way for a touchdown, which would put the Colts up by 11, and all of the pressure squarely on Rex Grossman's shoulders... which would mean that this game is all but over.

- 28-17, for now, pending the review and the extra point. The interception will stand, they're reviewing whether or not Hayden stepped out. Review indicates that he was not out... the TD stands.

- The extra point makes it 29-17, with 11:44 to play. A comeback, obviously, is not impossible... but Rex Grossman's going to have to stop being Rex Grossman for a while.

- Appearing together in a Budweiser commercial... Jay-Z and Don Shula. It's like someone at Budweiser saw the Subway commecials with Reggie Bush and Jon Lovitz and thought, "Oh yeah? Well watch this, motherfuckers."

- Grossman with another rainbow ball, and again, it's intercepted. Berrian was open, and I don't know if Grossman did that on purpose, but... Betty White could have thrown that football harder.


- A sack forces the Colts back into a 3rd and 18... they give it to Dominic Rhodes at 3rd down, and they'll punt. That sack cost them a chance at three points, but... at least Rex Grossman's getting the ball. That's the good news for the Colts.

- Grossman completes three straight... all of the short, underneath variety. That last carry by Thomas Jones put him over the 100-yard mark for the day.


- 4th down, trailing by 12 points, the Bears are forced to go for a 4th and 9 with 5:16 to play. They're at their own 46 yard line. Thomas Jones, the single back... Grossman drops back, throws downfield, to Desmond Clark, nice throw... but he's hit, and the ball pops out. The Colts take over... cue up those Chesney CDs, this thing is about over.

- Dominic Rhodes up the middle, the hole created by a terrific block by Tarik Glenn to keep the hole open. We're under 4:00 to play.


- Rhodes again, another first down... to the 22 yard-line.

- On the MVP tip... you've got Dominic Rhodes with over 100 yards rushing and a TD. Joseph Addai with 77 on the ground, and 10 catches, too. And then there's the sentimental choice of Peyton Manning... who can make a case with his 247 yards and a touchdown. I think Rhodes is the right choice... he's been a constant on these Colts teams, just as much as Manning, and he's always been happy to accept the role of back-up. Let's give one to a role player.


- The Colts run the ball on fourth down, S-Jew'ing the opportunity to add another three points. No reason to risk a blocked extra point and give the Bears a chance for a big play. The Bears take over... meanwhile, Nantzy and Simms are well into their congratulations of Tony Dungy.

- Dungy's never cursed in his life? Is that what I'm to believe here? I have no problem believing that Tony Dungy is a terrific human being, a role model for everyone out there... but not one curse word? Ever? My perspective is skewed, because I embrace profanity like a family member, but... I find that difficult to believe.


- The final seconds tick off... and Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy will be taking home te Negro Bowl I trophy.

- Manning is subdued as he walks around the field, consoling the Bears, exchanging congratulations with Dwight Freeney. Manning and Dungy hug now... a very, reserved, dignified celebration. I wish CBS would have a camera with them a few hours from now, when they're both stuffing hundreds into strippers' thongs.


- I think that's going to do it for us here... I appreciate you all hanging out here at Deadspin. Will is back with you tomorrow, unless he decides he likes CBS so much that he's staying. Goodnight, gang.