Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: Halftime

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- Liveblogging a halftime show is a first for me. I'm sticking here with Prince, but if anyone has any pictures of the Lingerie Bowl that they feel like they should share with the group, feel free:


- The halftime discussion from the CBS guys revolves around turnovers, and includes such gems like, "You just can't do that!", "This ball is precious!" and "Hold on to your luggage!" Excellent stuff.

- Don't take this the wrong way, but... I'm hoping Prince exposes his ass cheeks here.

- Prince has opted for a conservative teal suit... and those aren't usually three words that you ever see together. But hey, it's Prince. He opens with "Let's Get Crazy." I love it.

- I don't know who that marching band is with Prince (Florida A&M, maybe?), but they're breaking it down. Prince is now singing other peoples' songs, which is disappointing. Still, it's Prince, and I'm happy... I can't recall ever enjoying an NFL halftime show before... at least not since Elvis Presto.

- "All Along the Watchtower" now... that'll do. All 28 seconds of it. And now we're into some Foo Fighters song.

- "Purple Rain"... thankfully, we're back into the Prince catalogue now. I suppose a little bit of "Horny Pony" would be too much to ask for...


- Prince is sopping wet, by the way... I don't know what kind of shoes he's wearing, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't own any 5/8" cleats. There's a pretty decent chance that he'll fall and bust his tiny little ass on that state.

- And we're done. That was slightly disappointing, but... not all together bad. I thought it would be longer (that's what she said! Hey-O!").


- Jim Nantz informs us that Indianapolis and Chicago are 188 miles apart "by car." Does it get longer if you choose another method of travel? 188 miles by car, but just 114 by camel?

- They're cleaning off the field now... the stage is dismantled, the props are toted back, and all of Prince's bodily fluids are being cleaned up.