Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: Pregame

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- Welcome everyone to one of approximately 8,829 Super Bowl liveblogs. MJD's Super Bowl party consists of MJD, 80 ounces of malt liquor, and his new dog Raleigh, who has yet to learn the difference between a carpet and a toilet. Given the beverages, the animal, his problems, and the potential for 3 and a half hours of Rex Grossman-like play from Rex Grossman, there's about an 80% chance I end up kicking Raleigh in the stomach before the day's over.


- I kid, I kid. I am not going to beat my dog.

- By the way, from time to time, we'll be checking in with Will doing his CBS glog... which I can't even find as of right now. I can find two other guys liveblogging over there... Clay Travis, who is likable, and Gregg Doyel. Check this out from Doyel, who is evidently completely unaware of what you guys can do to comment sections:

Today sucks. And then I find out I'm going to be dueling Will Leach — Leitch? Leech? — from something called Deadspin. All day long. And this is a guy, so I hear, who has taken some shots at me over the past six months.

So maybe today won't suck after all.

I guess we'll see about that. Doyel's comments appear to be enabled.

- What's happening on the field now involves Gloria Estefan, NFL officials riding ostriches, and a Bears fan wrestling a Colts fan at midfield. I did not make up a word of that.

- Oh, and Will wanted me to let you all know that he's having a fantastic time over there at CBS, "glogging" for free, with no links to Deadspin to be found anywhere, and with Gregg Doyel being a douche. He's also not allowed to curse over there... Will doesn't need the profanity crutch like I do, but something tells me that he's feeling the urge right about now.

- Here's the link to Will's glog.

- I'm actually sort of enjoying this little video montage with all these players parents and families yapping about their family members... Cooper Manning is in there, Reggie Wayne's dad, Marvin Harrison's high school geometry teacher, etc. Also, Cooper Manning has just become my favorite member of the Manning family. After him, there's a three-way tie for last.

- Manning, during his pregame intro video thingie: "This truly is the last game of the year." Yes, Peyton... yes it is. Perhaps this explains some of his previous postseason failings... he was never clear on whether or not, he'd have another chance.

- The Colts are introduced as a team... I'm guessing the Bears will be, too. The Patriots kind of ruined that for everyone, opting to not be introduced individually. Now any team that goes that route seems like a bunch of selfish pricks.


- Rex Grossman is clean shaven. No word yet on Kyle Orton.

- Jim Nantz asks for a moment of silence for those who were hit by the recent tornadoes in Florida. Amen to that. But for a quick second there, I felt a little bit of glee in my heart when I thought he was going to ask for a moment of silence for Barbaro.


- Billy Joel gets the national anthem out pretty quickly, coming in well under the over/under set by BoDog. Accompanying the song, CBS gave us an extreme close-up of Peanut Tillman's (I think) retina. That was for all the ophthalmologists out there.

- Here's the link to Will's glog.

- If you ask me, I think Will's depression and anger are just dripping from his words.


- Sounds like Bears fans are more vocal this evening. They win the toss, and they'll receive. This game is OVER.