Swedish Wheelchair Curling Finally Has Its Doping Scandal

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They drug test Paralympic athletes because, I don't know, God dictated they should be stuck with their disadvantages. Regardless, we have our first positive drug test.


Deadspin European correspondent tomuban sends along this lovely little story, that combines the most inspirational and discouraging aspects of the Olympic spirit. Glen Ikonen, vice skip of the Swedish team, was handed a 2-year suspension from the sport after testing positive for a banned substance, just as his team played a crucial semifinal match.

Ikonen doesn't deny taking a beta blocker, which he says is used to treat his high blood pressure. It's on the ban list because it can lower the heart rate, an advantage in high-tension, high-precision sports like archery, shooting, and curling.

I am shocked. I couldn't imagine this. I am an old man. I'm 54 years old. I would never take anything I can't take," Ikonen said in a statement released by worldcurling.org.

"I'm disappointed in my doctor at home. I told him I didn't want anything (banned substance) I can't take."

The Swedes are appealing the ban, and they went on to lose their semifinal but win the bronze. Still, no reason to throw his doctor under the short bus.

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