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Sweet 16 Pants Party: Florida Vs. Butler

Florida Gators (31-5) vs. Butler Bulldogs (29-6)
When: 7:10 p.m. ET
Where: St. Louis


1. Because Gator parents get TV face time — so what they wear matters. Did anyone else catch the TV shot Sunday of Tito Horford, Al's dad, in the stands wearing his son's jersey — just the jersey, nothing over/under it. Though it was a unique fashion choice, he actually filled it out. (Perhaps so much we should call him "Teat-o.") Compare that to what Yannick Noah, Joakim's dad, was wearing: A stylish orange fleece with don't-bother-me sunglasses, either indicating that he was too cool for school or perhaps that he was high. Hey, he's a reggae star. (And, of course, Joakim's mom, Cecilia Rodhe — the No. 1-seeded MILF in college hoops. She can wear whatever she wants.)


2. Will Billy Donovan leave for Kentucky? As quickly as Tubby Smith exiled himself from Lexington, rumors were buzzing that Kentucky would make a play for the Florida coach. Donovan has history at Kentucky (he was an assistant there), but I don't think he'll leave Gainesville ... at least for the UK job. Obviously, Florida's program doesn't have the history of Kentucky's, but the last time the Wildcats were national champs, current high school seniors (and potential recruits) were eight years old. Donovan has turned Florida into the SEC's premier program. If anything, I think Billy D would leave Florida for the NBA. Don't think Michael Jordan isn't paying attention to this story...

3. Because Erin Andrews loves the Gators. Why read when you can watch:


Dan Shanoff


1. The Rims in the Edward Jones Dome Are 10' High. As everyone knows, Hoosiers is based on the story of a real-life mid-major, the Milan Indians, who won the 1954 Indiana state basketball championship. At that time, the final four was played in Hinkle Field House, which is Butler's home court. On the way to the 1954 crown, Milan beat heavyweight Indiana high school basketball programs such as Indianapolis Crispus Attucks (see, e.g., Oscar Robertson) and Muncie Central (see, e.g., Bonzi Wells). Not unlike the Milan Indians, Butler is not going to be intimidated by big bad Florida. During the regular season, Butler beat major programs Notre Dame, Tennessee, Gonzaga, Indiana and Purdue, despite not having any player on the roster taller than 6'7." In addition to not being tall, the Bulldogs are not a deep team either, basically using a seven-man rotation. Butler is about as athletic as the Hickory Huskers, as the zero dunks and zero blocks in the win over Maryland last week demonstrates. What the Bulldogs do is take care of the ball and hit their threes (BU had 12 3's and 11 2's in the Maryland game). In addition, Butler's man defense (with zone principles) creates turnovers (Maryland had 17). So don't be surprised when the Butler Bulldogs take down Florida and Oregon (or UNLV) on the way to the Final Four in Atlanta. (And oh by the way, as I write this I am raising a toast to all of you who had ODU beating Butler in the 12-5 game. You know who you are; nice work.) Don't get caught watching the paint dry, folks.


2. If You Want to Crown Them, Go Ahead and Crown Their Asses. Florida was who Butler thought they were in the 2000 NCAA Tournament. In the East Regional first round game in Winston-Salem, the 12th seeded Bulldogs led the 5 seed Gators, 68-67 with 8.1 seconds left in overtime. LaVall Jordan (who earlier had missed a jumper that would have ended the game in regulation) missed two free throws and some pasty kid from South Dakota (who Billy Donovan did not pay to come to Florida) went down and hit a floater in the lane to give Florida the win, 69-68. From the Kevin Bacon department, LaVall Jordan is now an assistant coach at Butler. And two of the assistants on the 2000 Butler team were now-head coach Todd Lickliter and some guy named Thad Matta. In addition, that stud A.J. Graves had a brother named Matthew on the 2000 team, and another current Butler assistant, Joel Cornette, was also on the team. In any event, Butler let Florida off the hook and the Gators' asses were almost crowned, as they lost to Michigan State in the championship game in Indianapolis.

3. Pete Campbell Thinks Rex Grossman Is Gay. Throwing the football deep is gay. What do they call that, stretching the field? That's gay. Anyone can throw a football. Try stepping out behind the line and launching some 3 balls. Oooh, that makes my dick hard. And I am hitting like 58% percent of my 3's this year. How do you like that, you little quarterback pussy. What? Rex Grossman is from Bloomington, Indiana? Bloomington is for queers. Bunch of pinko communists and a-hole coaches down there. That tool I used to play for at IPFW, Dane Fife, played in Bloomington. Guess what the "F" stands for, Rex. Yeah, I got your fort right here you little wuss. Go sit on the porch of your trailer next to your fake-titty momma and let me show you something about sexy. Hitting the three is sexy. In one game this year, I hit eight threes in a row (not including the Cleveland State cheerleaders, which would make nine). So watch me unload some threes in the Florida game. Wonder how that chick Noah is gonna like that. You want sexy, I'll show you sexy. Now, who wants to sex Pete Campbell? (Apologies, of course, to KSK.) — Bulldog Lounge


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