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Sweet 16 Pants Party: UCLA Vs. Pittsburgh

UCLA Bruins (27-5) vs. Pittsburgh Panthers (29-6)
When: 9:40 p.m. ET
Where: San Jose


1. Oh, just the two hottest women on the planet are in our corner. Have you ever wanted to have a threesome with Jessica Alba and Brooke Burke? Well, if you're a UCLA fan, now you can! See, Miss Alba currently dates Cash Warren, whose dad, Mike Warren, has two NCAA Championship rings from his basketball days at UCLA. Combine that with her SoCal roots, and you'll find that she's a huge UCLA fan. Next up we have Ms. Burke. Rick Majerus knows her best as the succulent host of E!'s late night series, "Wild On...," where she and other scantily-clad women frolicked around the globe providing ample amounts of spank-bank material. Prior to that, Brooke was a student at UCLA, studying Broadcast Journalism and modeling on the side. Obviously, she also is a huge UCLA fan. So therefore, the next time you see Jessica and Brooke out on the town together, throw on a Bruins hat, start singing "Sons of Westwood," do an 8-clap, and let the m nage-a-trois ensue! Bonus Fact: Brooke's "Wild On..." predecessor, Jules Asner, is also a UCLA alum - make it a m nage-a-quatre!


2. Staying on the topic of incredible breasts. One of the best kept secrets in Westwood is that all Playboy Mansion parties begin and end at UCLA. The mansion is located at 10236 Charing Cross Road in Beverly Hills, about a mile from campus. Google Earth it. You'll see that there is very limited parking on the premises, so whenever Hugh hosts a big event, cars need somewhere to park. The solution: UCLA Lot 7. The guest list is handled in the underground parking lot, and once you get your wristband, you jump on a shuttle and get whisked away to the Mansion. Pretty sweet, huh? I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Pitt & Kansas' parking lots are used for similar awesome events such as tours of abandoned steel factories and the annual Lawrence Barbecue & Hoedown Festival.

3. No. 100. Every college has its own commercial that gets aired once during televised basketball or football games. Most of these suck. The UCLA one always sucked, but a new one started airing about a month ago, and it's pretty badass:

Even though we've got more National Championships than every other school, we're sick of being stuck on 99. Four different sports have come up just shy of trophy #100 since last May. Conveniently, our marquee sport now gets the shot to bring home the century mark. Destiny?? We'll find out soon enough. GO BRUINS!!!

P.S. Attention UCLA Band: If we play Kansas, whatever you do, DO NOT play "Carry on my Wayward Son." You screwed this up in 2002 and you better not do it again! — Trevor Gribble



1. Simply put, Sam Young is a beast. He doesn't start and oftentimes he's not even the first guy off the bench. Regardless he's often the difference between victory and defeat. On a team centered around a stoic inside presence and a heavy dose of outside shooting, Young uses his raw athleticism to catch the defense off guard. Of course this is nothing new to those in the DC area. Young famously promised to do back flips if his Friendly High School team won a second consecutive Maryland state title. That season he averaged 24.6 points and 14 rebounds per game. They won the the championship and Young kept his promise before heading to Pitt. Just another example of Gary Williams' inept recruiting.


2. Ben's Daughter. I attended Pitt and my brother is a UCLA grad, so there's a bit of discord within the family, but we've got nothing on the Howlands. Stuck in the middle is Coach Ben's lovely daughter Meredith. She's currently enrolled at Pitt where she used to be a cheerleader. Since her parents moved to Westwood, she's become even closer with their closest friends, Jamie Dixon's family. When Howland was asked who she was supporting he indicated that she was loyal to her father. Meredith, you're dead to me.

3. Can't Get Here Before. You know glass ceilings aren't just for ball-busting corporate types, Pitt has bumped into the Sweet 16's invisible barrier three times in five years. It all started back in March of 2002. I was a bright eyed freshmen (until I spent six months living in Tower C) when Ben Howland's reconstruction of the basketball program led to a glorious tournament run. The Sweet 16 paired us against Trevor Huffman and his Kent State Golden Flashes. But on this night it was not Huffman that would draw my ire; his name was Antonio Gates. 22 points 8 rebounds and 4 assists. He shot 7/11 from the field and an ultimately devastating 8/9 from the line. I assumed he was going to be a pro, I just never thought he'd be an All Pro. — unsilent majority


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