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Syracuse Soccer Player Squeezes N-Word And F-Word Into Same Insult

Here's an awful story about a young woman saying awful things and now likely paying an awful price for it. The woman in the video is Syracuse midfielder Hanna Strong, and as of this afternoon, she is suspended from the soccer team.


The bigger punishment is going to come on Monday, when she goes back to class and has to look a lot of her classmates in the eye. And after that, there'll be the endless op-eds in the student newspaper, the public scrutiny of her punishment, and what she'll hear on the pitch when and if she returns. She will enjoy none of that.

But there's good news. She invited someone to call her out, and that's happened pretty thoroughly. I don't know that she meant that as an invitation to really think about and discuss the words she used, the impact they have, and why she thinks that way, but that's definitely going to be happening now.

When that's all done, Hanna Strong might not be a college soccer player anymore, but hopefully, she can be a little more thoughtful and self-aware.

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