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We find it amusing that people are trying to come up with alternate excuses why Terrell Owens was suspended by the Eagles β€” fight with Hugh Douglas, frustration over the Eagles not recognizing his 100th touchdown, so on β€” when it's pretty clear, to us anyway, that his comment that Brett Favre would be undefeated as Eagles quarterback β€” which was ridiculous, by the way; only T.O. could say something good about Saint Favre and get ripped for it in the media β€” permanently ruined him in Philadelphia. We were trying to explain this whole issue to a non-sports-fan friend of ours this weekend, and we said that ripping your quarterback like that was the worst sin a player could make, and there was no way he could return after that. Our friend said, "Wait, ripping on a teammate is worse than a sex boat orgy party?" And in a weird way, it kind of is.

Anyway, we think it's pretty amazing that T.O.'s Eagles career was effectively ended by no less than 18-year-old journalist Graham Bensinger, a St. Louis-based wannabe talking head who, as you can tell from a note on his Web site, is already a little freaked out that he caused so much trouble. Bensinger is most well-known for his O.J. Simpson interview, where his reportial stylings forced O.J. to admit that he had not killed his wife. And now, because of an apparently creatively cut video interview with Terrell Owens, Bensinger might have ended Terrell Owens' Eagles career ... and maybe the whole thing. It's enough to make us want to buy him a beer ... though, well, you know.

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(Note: We actually like Bensinger and don't think he's some cute little puppy reporter playing dressup, at least not any more than, say, Jim Lampley. The kid seems pretty legit; this is why we mock him, of course. It means he's arrived!)