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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here's Terrell Owens doing what he does best, denying controversy that he's supposed to have started. In this case, the jaunty jalopy cap adds a special air of believability, wouldn't you say?

This time it's the whole Tony Romo-Jason Witten who-likes-who-best squabble, which T.O. says never happened. The three, in fact, were seen laughing it up on the sidelines during the Cowboys' 20-8 win over the Giants on Sunday night. Shoving matches? Heated words? Certainly not. T.O. denies all.

"Thats Ed Werder reporting that, and whatever his sources was, they told a blatant lie. For me, that's a lack of professionalism in my eyes."



“It’s just part of playing football,” Romo said. “We have a lot of highly competitive individuals who want to win. I give a lot of credit to T.O. and Jason for drumming this whole thing up to take attention away.”


Actually, the leading receiver for Dallas was neither Owens nor Witten, but rookie running back and former Yellow Jacket Tashard Choice, who had four catches for 52 yards. But it was his 91 yards rushing and a touchdown which really propelled Dallas. Too bad the Giants didn't have similar backup power at running back; they sorely miss Brandon Jacobs. Not to mention a certain trigger-happy receiver (they're 1-2 without him).

Eli Manning was only 18-of-35 for 191 yards and two interceptions, and the Giants didn't score a touchdown. One big reason for his poor showing was the fact that he was sacked eight times, and hurried several others.

By comparison, Iraqi journalist Muntather al-Zaidi had a much better day, hurling two shoes at George W. Bush during a press conference with unerring accuracy; both would have hit him right on the numbers had Bush not ducked. And as you can see in the photo, al-Zaidi was being heavily pressured on at least one of his throws, which he still managed to zip in on a nice spiral directly over the podium. Eli should spend today studying that tape.

'Boys Overcome Distractions, Shut Down Giants [NBCSports]

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