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Tact? Knows Not Of This Thing You Call "Tact"

Yesterday, Dashiell noticed an unfortunate NASCAR commercial running during ESPN's coverage of Nick Adenhart. The general consensus was to give the WWL a pass. Today, however, no dice. What the hell is wrong with


Even if this poll were created in advance of Adenhart's untimely death (and given the injuries to Ervin Santana, John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar, it probably was), how does a company so superficially (and hypocritically) concerned with propriety and being "family friendly" allow this sort of thing to run on the front page of one of the the most heavily-trafficked sports sites on the planet? Not that it's any secret, but it's pretty obvious that Disney/ESPN only cares about Adenhart's death insofar as it translates into ratings, traffic, and ad dollars - anyone with a modicum of common sense or genuine concern would have yanked that sucker down in a heartbeat.


ESPN Poll maker pretty much a dick [The Sports Hernia]

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