From John Shuster's Persistence To Rachel Homan's Disappointment, Every Olympic Curler Is On A Journey

Last November, my team played in a World Curling Tour event. Our team couldn’t be considered “competitive”—we play about one such event a year, whereas the good ones are looking at about a dozen weeks a year. We know what we’re doing; we’re just out of shape. Still, we finished 0-3 in our pool and out of championship…

NBC Only Aired 60% Of The Winter Games Closing Ceremony Last Night, So Here's The 40% You Missed

As usual, NBC’s tape-delayed Olympic closing ceremony broadcast left much of the festivities on the editing room floor. More than 51 minutes, to be exact, or 40% of the overall show. Here’s some of what the Peacock Network decided was beneath you; a sped-up version of everything you missed is in the above video.