Let Us Congratulate Vladimir Putin For Victoriously Claiming The One Available Umbrella During World Cup Medal Ceremonies

I can’t quite describe why I find this image so funny, but here it is: Vladimir Putin, grinning in the handshake line at the World Cup medal ceremony, with like the one umbrella anywhere in sight being held over his head dutifully by an attendant, while all around him are drenched in pouring rain:

Photographer Tackled By Celebrating Croatian Players Got Incredible Photos, Kisses

During yesterday’s World Cup semifinal game between England and Croatia, a sideline photographer for Agence France-Press, Yuri Cortez, found himself at the bottom of a Croatian team dog pile after the got knocked over during Croatia’s celebrations for Mario Mandzukic’s extra-time, game-winning goal. The extremely…

Watch Croatian Firefighters Miss The End Of PKs Against Russia In This Exquisitely Timed Video

Yes, this video is officially Old News given that Croatia are taking on England right now. But the Zagreb Fire Department just today released this video of some firefighters watching penalties against Russia in the quarterfinals on Saturday, and the exact moment they had to drop what they were doing and head out on a…