Court Docs: Ex-Baylor A.D. Says Everyone Was In On The Sexual-Assault Coverup

Before addressing the latest revelation of horrifying details about the years Baylor spent covering up sexual assault, it is worth first noting the source. Former athletic director Ian McCaw was one of the first people to leave when the story became national news, and then landed at Liberty University, another private…

Liberty University Settles Claim That It Expelled Football Players To Make Up For Hiring Disgraced Baylor Officials [CORRECTED]

Liberty University appears to have paid settlements for hiring several key athletic-department officials who had been accused of creating “a hunting ground for sexual predators” when they worked at Baylor, then allegedly overcorrecting by expelling three football players on unfounded sexual-assault charges.

Emails: Ex-Baylor President Says NPR Helped Him Understand Women Who "Make Themselves Victims” 

David Garland—interim president at Baylor prior to the university’s hiring of Linda Livingstone—sent an email to a school administrator in which he wrote that a radio segment he listened to recently “added another perspective for me of what is going on in the heads of some women who may seem willingly to make…

Baylor Will Settle Lawsuit With Ex-Student Who Accused It Of Creating A "Hunting Ground For Sexual Assault Predators"

Baylor is in the process of settling a lawsuit filed by a former student who claimed in her suit that the university and its Board of Regents “had created a hunting ground for sexual predators to freely prey upon innocent, unsuspecting female students, with no concern of reprisal or consequences.”

Yet Another Lawsuit Says Baylor Officials Did Nothing After Report Of A Gang Rape By Football Players

A lawsuit filed today by a former Baylor volleyball player says the former Baylor athlete was “brutally gang raped by at least four and, according to some reports, as many as eight, Baylor football players.” According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, it is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed against the historically Baptist…