Marcus Smart Is Reportedly "Disgusted" At Lack Of Communication From Celtics

Marcus Smart deserves far more than the one-year, $6 million deal he’ll likely have to settle for. And he’s angry about it. According to a report by the Boston Herald, he has not been contacted by Celtics management—and, presumably, any other teams’—since free agency began on July 1, and he’s “hurt and disgusted.”

If That Was LeBron's Last Home Game With The Cavs, He Sure Made It Count

If you thought the Cavs were completely screwed when, down by four points and looking disjointed against an unflustered Celtics defense, they lost Kevin Love to a scary-looking head injury, man you were not alone. Love’s mostly been crap in this series—he’s producing 48 percent true shooting on 26.5 percent usage, and…