Carlos Tevez On His Time Stealing Money From Chinese Club: "I Was On A Seven-Month Vacation"

Carlos Tevez had about 40 million reasons to love his cushy, high-paid life with Chinese Super League club, Shanghai Shenhua. But, as readers of this site well know, Tevez hated living in China, hated the food (though not so much as to prevent him from packing on the pounds), and hated the soccer culture. His disdain…

Carlos Tevez, Banned From Driving For Speeding In His Hummer, Was Arrested In His Porsche

Manchester City star and Argentina international Carlos Tevez was arrested for "driving while disqualified," which is British for driving with a suspended license. In January, Tevez was banned from driving for six months, a punishment for two speeding incidents in his Hummer last year. Last night, he was pulled over…

A Fair-And-Balanced Look At What Fox Called “The Greatest Live Premier League Match In US Television History”

From now until the end of the season, we'll be posting a number of clips from the previous weekend's English Premier League games. If there's a goal, save, dive, lip-read profanity, or hocked sputum we should know about, drop us a line at (You might also enjoy our better-late-than-never EPL guide)