The NBA's New "Kevin Durant Rule" Will Incentivize Young Superstars To Stay Put

We knew the new CBA made life a little sweeter for the NBA’s superstars, but it’s a dense thing to parse, and explanations have been dribbling out slowly. ESPN’s new Q&A with salary cap expert Larry Coon argues that the most noteworthy development is the owners’ new weapon to keep their superstar players locked in.

Report: New NBA CBA Bans Players From Using Hoverboards, Trampolines, Guns

Details of the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement are still leaking out in dribs and drabs, as the big-money items get the most attention (players naturally want to know how much they’ll be making, and horrified fans want to know exactly how much their team will pay on Jrue Holiday’s inevitable max contract).…

The NFL And NFLPA's Discipline Discussions Are Going Nowhere, And The Sides Are Squabbling Publicly 

In four of the most prominent disciplinary decisions of his career, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s chosen punishments were overturned. By Paul Tagliabue in Bountygate, a neutral arbitrator with Ray Rice, and a federal judge with Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady (currently being appealed). It is understandable, then,…