The Texas Basketball Holiday Song Wars Continue: Here Are The Dallas Mavericks, Trying To Sing "Sleigh Ride"

Not to be outdone by their rivals in Houston, who sort of sang the Dreidel Song, the Dallas Mavericks got together to sort of sing a "Sleigh Ride" karaoke. It's pretty good, especially, Chris Kaman, who is funnier than he looks. Rick Carlisle, too, and O.J Mayo, who only makes sound effects. Now all that's left isā€¦

It Is Entirely Possible That Chris Kaman Killed This Cat Just To Make A Point About The Schedule

Kaman and the Hornets are playing the Bobcats tonight. So naturally Kaman took to Twitter to pose with a dead bobcat. This requires a very important question, any answer to which leads to further questions: where did he get a dead bobcat? Did he borrow it from a friend? Did he already have it in his freezer? Did heā€¦